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What was your first wedding anniversary gift?
Wedding anniversary gift ideas swirled through family and friends heads as they tried to pick out your wedding anniversary gift. Do you remember your wedding? The wedding celebration is an ongoing party of the wedding itself. While the original ceremony is the joining of the couple in front of their peers and their beliefs the wedding celebration is a party to include the family and friends of the couple. There are wedding traditions of drinking wine and throwing the glass for good luck. In some countries you will find that the bride is to dance with every person at the celebration, and in return the people offer money for the bride and groom to use in 'starting' their life together. The wedding tradition of this bridal dance is also seen as the last chance a bride will have to dance with any other man. This tradition is carried over on still today in many wedding celebrations and the wedding anniversary gift selection process, in this case, with the use of a silk bag.

Another favorite tradition is that the bride and groom dance the first dance of the night together, with the rest of the bridal party and the attending guests joining soon after. The best man, for the groom, gives the first toast to the newly wed couple -wishing them luck and love during their marriage.

During modern wedding ceremonies one can find a celebration at a restaurant, where only close friends and family are invited to a dinner. In early years, the brides family would throw the biggest party that they could afford to celebrate the daughter being married off. There are brides and grooms today that celebrate their wedding with an easy 300 - 400 people at the reception. The reception consists of eating dinner, cake and drinking some wine or champagne to celebrate the occasion. Select a wedding anniversary gift that will cherish the memories of this occasion

Wedding Anniversary Gift: How to Order
Ordering your wedding anniversary gift is easy. Simply customize to your taste, choose to have a gift card (or not) choose gift wrapping (or not), and speed through checkout. Click here to begin.

Once you are in the online store, select the style and size of Wind Chime you prefer, add it to your cart, and you will see areas in the order form to input the names of the couple, wedding date and personal message. That's it! Easy as can be.

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