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Our View: Wedding Gift Ideas in modern times
Wedding gift ideas can span the spectrum. We, of course, think a great quality set of personalized wind chimes make a great wedding gift idea. Throughout the marriage preparation, there are many obligations that both the groom and the bride will be expected to perform in the form of gift giving. One such obligation, for the bride, is to present the matron of honor and the brides maids with tokens of appreciation, gifts, that express their true friendship and love. The groom will also present his best man and his men in waiting gifts as rewards for standing for him in this social and religious ceremony. The gifts given to all the men and women serving as either men in waiting or as brides maids are all similar to their gender.

For example, if the bride gives one bride's maid a bracelet they all will receive a bracelet. If the groom gives one man a pocket watch, the others will all receive pocket watches as well. The gift that is chosen comes from the heart of the bride or groom and is a representation of friendship, love, and commitment that these people have had together over the years. This type of gift is both expected and treasured from those involved in the marriage ceremony.

It may be a little known tradition of wedding gift ideas, but many discover when they are getting married that they should give gifts to the clergy performing the ceremony, the organist, or piano player, and possibly even the women or girls that are cookie attendants during the celebration. While these gifts are sometimes money, they are also gifts that given from the heart that represent Thanks as a personal possession. Wedding gift ideas are fun, functional, and traditional! If you're stumped, try a garden gift idea.

There are many types of gifts given throughout the entire wedding ceremony and the days leading up to the wedding celebration itself.

Wedding Gift Ideas: How to Order
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