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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Traditions
Wedding Gifts are a symbol of celebration when two people are joined in marriage. Both families celebrate wedding traditions with one family celebrating gaining a son and the other celebrating gaining a daughter. The joining of two families is a celebration that can be seen throughout the many years of recorded history.

After the wedding ceremony, confetti of some type is usually thrown, and wedding gifts are given. In Italy, sweet treats were thrown over the heads of the bride and groom as they would leave the Church. During early American years, popular wedding traditions included rice thrown over the heads of the excited crowd leaving the ceremony. In modern times, bird seed, grass seed or other light confetti that is animal friendly is thrown as the couple exits the ceremony. Other confetti types include petals, nuts, flowers, and grains were thrown to bring fertility and good luck to the couple.

The celebration of the wedding usually takes place with flowers, streamers and festive colors to liven the spirits during the celebration of the wedding. Wind chimes or garden fountains, can liven up the surroundings. During almost all modern day wedding traditions, photos or videos are taken for reminiscing of that special day during the later years. These photos, and the wedding gifts, help the bride and groom catch all the festivities that they might have been too busy to notice during their celebration with so many people.

Wedding Gifts: How to Order
Ordering your personalized wedding gifts is easy. You will need three things:

1. The names of the Bride and Groom
2. The date of the wedding
3. A personal message, 65 characters or less, including spaces (about 12 words).

Once you are in the online store, select the style and size of Wind Chime you prefer, add it to your cart, and you will see areas in the order form to input the names of the couple, wedding date and personal message. That's it! Easy as can be.

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