Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding the best wedding gift can be both a fulfilling and daunting task. Wedding photo While there are a number of gift ideas and choices that are available, you may find yourself a bit torn between choosing something essential for the couple to use or opting for a one-off pricey treat.

Whatever decision you make, always remember it’s the thought that always counts. Whether you’re buying on a budget or not, a gift that’s prepared with thoughtfulness and love will always be appreciated.

Perhaps one of the best ways to start is to identify how much you are willing to spend on a wedding gift. Luckily, there are a number of wedding gift ideas that can fit anyone’s budget without compromising on value and quality. 

Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25

1. Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillowcases ($19.99 – single; $29.99 – one pair)

These fun pillowcases can also act like a sweet reminder for the couple to share a smooch before closing their eyes at bedtime.

2. Filled with L-O-V-E Photo Mug ($16.99)

Mugs are timeless gifts and one of the most used items in the house. These photo mugs are perfect for couples who have quite a huge library of photos to display but don’t know how and where they can do so.

3. Sweet Lovebirds Doormat ($24.99)

This personalized doormat is a sweet reminder to the lovebirds that home is where their hearts are.

4. Wedding impression His|Hers Split Heart Keychain ($16.99) 

Made of nickel-plated non-tarnishing material, this romantic keychain is a perfect way to display the bond and the love shared by the newlyweds.

5. Heart In Sand Collection ($14.99) 

This unique wedding gift emulates the timeless tradition of drawing a heart in the sand by loving couples everywhere. 

Wedding Gift Ideas Under $50

1. Canvas & Leather Collection ($24.99 - $49.99)

This handsome collection makes a perfect companion for anyone who commutes daily or travels regularly. 

2. Decorative Wine Box ($29.99)

Whether it’s a special occasion or a simple dinner date at home, this decorative wine box will always complement anyone’s romantic mood.

3. Entertainment Beverage Tub ($34.99)

Let the couple show off their loving bond to family and friends with this beverage tub that can also bear a personalized inscription.

4. Never Forget The Days Canvas ($29.99)

If you know the couple too well such as when and where they first met, the day they got engaged and more, this is a perfect gift idea. Furthermore, you are helping the bride in reminding her husband about those important dates that may require the expected gesture of gift-giving.

5. King of the Grill 7 Piece BBQ Set ($49.99)

These cool grilling tools are paired with a handy apron that can also be used as a storage pouch.