Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary gifts should be memorable, and they should endure with the couple as they begin their life together. Here's a gift idea that allows you to make a lasting, thoughtful impression. Grace Note Wind Chimes are the highest quality, best-sounding windchimes in the industry. Traditional recreation They are clear of tone and resonance, made with the highest quality materials, and produced right here in the USA. We start with these windchimes, and engrave the names of the bride and groom, the date of the ceremony, as well as a personal message from you. The resulting quality gift is guaranteed to be considered a thoughtful and classy gift. The engraving on your personalized wedding gifts is on the durable, brushed aluminum wind plate, designed to stand the test of time, in any climate. In the years to come, this attractive piece of garden or patio decor will serve as a reminder to the couple of your wishes for a happy life together.

Personalized Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Buying a wedding gift is one of the tougher choices. The couple is going to be showered with everything from linen sets to blenders to wine cabinets! Personalized wedding gifts are sure to stand out. Anniversary example Whether the couple has a patio, balcony, or full back yard, the gentle, soothing tones of Grace Note Wind Chimes enhance the environment. Add your personal wish for a happy life together, and you have an incredibly thoughtful and classy gift!

1st paper
2nd cotton
3rd leather
4th linen
5th wood
6th iron
7th copper or wool
8th bronze
9th pottery or china
10th tin or aluminum
11th steel
12th silk
13th lace
14th ivory
15th crystal
20th china

25th silver
30th pearl
35th coral or jade
40th ruby
45th sapphire
50th gold
55th emerald
60th diamond

Once you are in the online store, select the style and size of Wind Chime you prefer, add it to your cart, and you will see areas in the order form to input the names of the couple, wedding date and personal message. That's it! Easy as can be.